Pengaruh Strategi Pembelajaran Metakognitif Terhadap Kemampuan Metakognitif Lingkungan Siswa dalam Pembelajaran IPA

Tina Tina, Budiaman Budiaman, Uswatun Hasanah


The Effect of Metacognitive Strategies to Student’s Metacognitive Environmental Ability. This research was aimed to find the effect of metacognitive strategies to student’s metacognitive environmental ability. The population of the research was students of Tunas Markatin Vocational High School, and the samples were the first grade students which randomly chosen. The method of this experiment was used post-test only design. The result by t-test was showed that significant as much as 0,014 < 0,05 which means that metacognitive strategies give positive effect to student’s metacognitive environmental ability in science learning.


metacognitive strategies, student’s metacognitive environmental ability, science learning

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