Uji Laboratorium Getah Rembige Sebagai Obat Anti Inflamasi

Nurasini Nurasini, Lisa Alpina, Dwi Utami Setyawati, Titi Laily Hajiriah


This plant is very easy to obtain because according to the beliefs of the ancestors of this plant has many benefits examples of sap from this plant are often used to treat diseased teeth, people did not know the name of the dangerous because they have never tried without knowing whether it is dangerous or not. So the title of the creativity program that we took from the explanation above "Laboratory Test for Rembiga Gums as an Anti-Inflammatory Medicine". The specific purpose of this research is to find out the validity of the content of anti-inflammatory substances in Rembiga sap. This research is a quantitative descriptive study with the aim to get the results of laboratory tests of Rembiga as an anti-inflammatory drug. By the way of working, namely: preparation of materials, extraction of maceration, flavonoid test. This Rembiga sap contains flavonoids and iodine which is based on the change in color after the maceration process with the color that is raised, which is brick-colored and formed sediment. We hope that these cuts can have an inflammatory effect. Our results have concluded that the process of preventing inflammation is more quickly covered by using triple sap than with mefenamic acid drugs. Based on laboratory tests and pharmacological tests, this Rembige sap contains anti-inflammatory properties and its effect is better than pharmaceutical drugs in stopping inflammation


Sap, Rembige, Test, Anti, Inflammation

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.36312/essh.v1i1.37

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